Dart Marke: Target
Dart Material: 90% Tungsten
Dart Farbe: Schwarz/Brons




18 Gramm

 48.50 mm

 7.35 mm

Taking its theme from the beauty of the natural world, Elysian 5 speaks to us of living texture. By necessity and design, nature uses texture to promote elusiveness as a survival mechanism. We have refined that concept to represent the elusive nature of the perfect dart form. The front of the barrel features our new Sensus grip, which uses precision climb milling to create an incomparable grip by bio-mimicking the delicate, textured structure of organic bodies. Formed in one continuous CNC machine sweep taking the best part of an hour, it is then coated with Rose Gold PVD Titan Nitride, and then finished in a CNC lathe. Sensus offers a confident, positive grip purchase however it is held.GEO GRIP The rear section of the barrel incorporates 78 integrated geometric rhomboid elements, machined to form an intricate textured mild grip pattern. It is coated with black PVD Titan Nitride for increased barrel protection and enhanced grip.FINISHING TOUCH The steel tip is equipped with a black Elysian Storm Point and finished with Elysian 5 Rose Gold Titan Carbon shafts and Pro Ultra flights themed to compliment the Elysian 5 design motif.

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